Friday, January 28, 2011


Ill start out by saying that I will not reveal my party preference, you can judge that for yourself. I believe in mostly common sense objectives within government (of course, common sense to me, but maybe not to you). Political issues are usually heated debates, which I welcome. But for the most part, my topics will include my opinions on stories I see as relevant and important.

Sarcasm will be most frequent. Enjoy


  1. I like that, tell it how its is. Nothing wrong with a good debate once and a while.

  2. I love to debate. Can't wait for the next post! Following.

  3. looking forward to your future posts

    following now

  4. Blah, I hate I can't talk politics to a majority of people over the world since I only like to focus on the actual politics that resides within my own country and as neutral Sweden is we don't really got that much political heat in the world.

    But anyways! I'm a follow you too see your thoughts and if we two share the same ideas.