Saturday, January 29, 2011

iPhone to adopt NFC capabilities, can't take credit for being the first

NFC or Near-Field Communication is a pretty nifty thing to have. Basically, you swipe your phone near a spot on a poster, or on a counter with a special chip that can link to accounts like your iTunes, Google Account, Paypal or anything else. It also serves as an advertising medium as well. Like a certain movie poster? Wave your fancy phone in front of the NFC chip to instantly get movie times or watch trailers. This is widely adopted around the world except for the U.S., as is true with a lot of things (i.e. Despite bragging about being the innovative leader of the world, the U.S. has the slowest internet connection speeds of industrialized countries).

Apple is currently rumored to adopt this technology almost guaranteeing popularity in its usage. Although great that this is finally coming to the U.S. I hope that the media does not spin this as a "first" only because Apple is now finally adopting it. Usually people give credit to Apple for things that they did not create (touch screen phones, GUI, gays).

I am excited about this new Tech, and am semi-happy Apple cant take credit for being the first to come out with NFC.

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