Wednesday, January 26, 2011


A fan of phones I am. I enjoy the great invisible warfare that is being raged in the U.S. between both people with "Smartphones" and people without. Most of the ones without tend to be of the older generation still clinging onto the notion of "who needs THAT, I just want a phone that calls!". But oh do we need those things to which they so happily reject. We need the Apps, we need the features, we need the touchscreens, the fast processors, buckets of memory (internal and external if you run Android or Blackberry), and most importantly, brands and looks.

Don't get me wrong, The warfare extends within the realm of smartphones. Most recently the feud between Google's Android platform, and Apple's iOS platform. Both are brilliant Operating Systems with their respective advantages and disadvantages. With the feud between Android and iOS, I think this is a perfect time to dump my knowledge and opinions on the tech industry here, in this small small space.

On the phones side, I will focus primarily on my opinion on current mobile tech stories and news... pretty much any news that I find interesting and entertaining, it might not stay within the realm of mobile tech, so don't be alarmed if I write opinions on odd tech stories.


  1. Oh man I am not a phone person at all. It always seems like every phone company rips me off. However, it doesn't hurt to learn about phone technology. Definitely following man. Good luck on bloggin!

  2. I got an iPhone 4 and I'm definitely interested in your blog! following for phoneluv!