Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Social Security Myth

The Government, over the past few years has bloated this "problem" with Social Security. Saying that Social Security will run out of money soon. Truth is, there is no problem with Social Security. The problem with social security is not funding, but the fact that the Government already has spent the money,  and now has to pay you back. Social Security was never meant to be funded by the Government, but by the people who pay into it, AKA you, your co-workers, neighbors, friends, etc via the payroll tax. Now that they have spent the money, and have to pay you back, they are calling it a "burden to the deficit". They are even talking about raising the retirement age "every several years" according to Senator Richard Shelby (R-AL).

The Government is lying to you. Don't fall for it. The Government wants to pay China back before its own citizens, don't let them get away with it.

This is a great segment from The Young Turks' Cenk Uygur:

They're coming after Social Security. What are we going to do about it?

- P & P

Saturday, January 29, 2011

iPhone to adopt NFC capabilities, can't take credit for being the first

NFC or Near-Field Communication is a pretty nifty thing to have. Basically, you swipe your phone near a spot on a poster, or on a counter with a special chip that can link to accounts like your iTunes, Google Account, Paypal or anything else. It also serves as an advertising medium as well. Like a certain movie poster? Wave your fancy phone in front of the NFC chip to instantly get movie times or watch trailers. This is widely adopted around the world except for the U.S., as is true with a lot of things (i.e. Despite bragging about being the innovative leader of the world, the U.S. has the slowest internet connection speeds of industrialized countries).

Apple is currently rumored to adopt this technology almost guaranteeing popularity in its usage. Although great that this is finally coming to the U.S. I hope that the media does not spin this as a "first" only because Apple is now finally adopting it. Usually people give credit to Apple for things that they did not create (touch screen phones, GUI, gays).

I am excited about this new Tech, and am semi-happy Apple cant take credit for being the first to come out with NFC.

Friday, January 28, 2011


Ill start out by saying that I will not reveal my party preference, you can judge that for yourself. I believe in mostly common sense objectives within government (of course, common sense to me, but maybe not to you). Political issues are usually heated debates, which I welcome. But for the most part, my topics will include my opinions on stories I see as relevant and important.

Sarcasm will be most frequent. Enjoy

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


A fan of phones I am. I enjoy the great invisible warfare that is being raged in the U.S. between both people with "Smartphones" and people without. Most of the ones without tend to be of the older generation still clinging onto the notion of "who needs THAT, I just want a phone that calls!". But oh do we need those things to which they so happily reject. We need the Apps, we need the features, we need the touchscreens, the fast processors, buckets of memory (internal and external if you run Android or Blackberry), and most importantly, brands and looks.

Don't get me wrong, The warfare extends within the realm of smartphones. Most recently the feud between Google's Android platform, and Apple's iOS platform. Both are brilliant Operating Systems with their respective advantages and disadvantages. With the feud between Android and iOS, I think this is a perfect time to dump my knowledge and opinions on the tech industry here, in this small small space.

On the phones side, I will focus primarily on my opinion on current mobile tech stories and news... pretty much any news that I find interesting and entertaining, it might not stay within the realm of mobile tech, so don't be alarmed if I write opinions on odd tech stories.